ADI 7 Day Sprint: 
With the recession on the horizon you need multiple income streams
Save £133 on my amazing offer
Build your driving school franchise and make all the passibe income you need for your family...
Hi there,
as you already know I am leaving the driving school industry
so I thought it would be right to sell all of my products at a very low price.

ADI 7 Day Sprint is a special program brought to you by myself and James Comley.
James has a driving school with over 100 ADIs paying into his franchise (£99 a week) and over 50 PDIs - James and I got together to bring you a special training program to show you how to build your driving school - and because I am leaving the industry, we have decided to give you a massive discount...

Have a read to see how we can help you build your driving school!

James Comley from Drive 2 Us and David Poole
Show you how to make a 100 car driving shool franchise
Stop dreaming about having a regional driving school and take the action your family deserve. Don't let them wait any longer for your success story!
  •  Build an amazing driving school and enjoy the passive income that comes from it
  •  Tried and tested solutions putting you in control of your driving school perfect for current franchise owners or ADIs with a dream of owning a big school.
  • Quickly understand the road map to developing a driving school in such a way, you can cut out the errors blue prints cause, because with my system you are in control all of the way. 
  •  Learn the PDI recruitment secrets you need to get people to switch career and into your driving schools
  • ADI recruitment made easy. See how to make your driving school stand out
  • Individualized game plan for your goals so you can take the actions that are right for you in your life at this moment which means you get to travel your own unique, personal pathway to success.
  • 13 part training program run every 4 weeks which enables you to put yourself on the fast track to huge success in your life (however you want to define it) and that means everything you would love to be - comes into reality.
  • James has over 100 instructors in his team, use the systems that has helped him develop a huge local driving school
  • James currently has over 40 PDIs in training, and they will all lead into his driving school franchise, see how you can do the same.
From: David Poole
Subject: Taking the hand brake off your future!


12 months from now, where do you want to be?
Surely you want to see advancement in your life, where you are the story teller writing the words to your epic novel. 

No one wants to stay in one place, and if we don't move forward as a business or as people - we fall back.
So how about you, James Comley and I work together on something amazing?


That something amazing is you!
Look at what we are proposing below...
PS If as predicted we drop into a recession, the smart driving schools will go out and recruit the right ADIs and PDIs, because supporting others, who help you make a living, will lead you to survive and thrive 
Why should you be interested?
The best driving school training program ever created!
How to reduce your business administration and increase your profitability by finding more lessons to deliver without working more hours. (Worth £199)

Making a driving school franchise that attracts ADIs like Winnie The Pooh to a honeypot. (Worth £200)

Find your next 5 ADIs in record time, and build a foundation for 20 more.
(Worth £200)

SCULPTING YOUR LONG TERM FUTURE (The secret to longevity) 
The most simple way of recruiting PDIs into your school, and get paid for it!
(Worth £200)

The ultimate dream for any business owner.
(Worth £200)

How to scale up your driving school business and take home a £50,000
paycheck. (Worth £200)

About Drive 2 Us and James Comley
Why follow what James has done?
No one else has EVER shared with you, how to build a driving school franchise based on a current thriving model of over 100 instructors and 40 PDIs in training.
This is a worlds first!

You will get to see the most important factors of building a driving school franchise, and this training is not available anywhere else.
The program is a year long!
You might think "wow that's ages" But the truth is...

A 1 day workshop come no way near to giving you what you need.
Blueprints don't work.
And no one, even with the best will in the world, can do it for you.

James has had his trials and tribulations.
He has had his fingers burned, he has made decisions he wishes he could change,
and he has made some outstanding choices to get where he is today!

There are very few people to have created a driving school franchise so large.
Many have tried, sweated it out, struggled, lost money and gave up on the way for the simple fact...they didn't know how and they had no one to turn to.

Today, James and I change all of that.
And you have an amazing opportunity of taking part right now.

I'm giving you
Perhaps the best present you had since your Christmas aged 6
That's a tall order.
But when you were 6 and unwrapping presents under the spell of the Christmas magic, wasn't it great. Can you remember back to that one special present you were ecstatic to receive, and you remember the Christmas tree, the bright colours of the wrapping paper and how delighted your family were at seeing you so happy.

We're going to bring those memories back,
and you're going to make new and fantastic memories.

Over the next 12 months, you are going to rip up the rule book and find the best ever version of you that could ever exist with my business and personal development program. I don't even like to describe it as CPD, because I want to strap you to a rocket and blast you into space...
Who wants to feel judged?
By digging out their personal junk. No Thanks!
It might be the biggest turn off to personal development, and feeling judged from digging out your demons is a bit of a hefty task...but great CPD does not and should not be like that. With the ADI 7 Day Sprint, what you share and declare is only with yourself, not me, anyone else or even your pet dog (if you have one).

This is more than a safe place for you to redeem yourself in the comfort of your own mental privacy. And you'll come on in leaps and bounds.
Isn't CPD expensive?
It's perhaps the most expensive thing, when never done.
And I guess the opportunity of doing something else while potentially more entertaining in the short run is perhaps way more expensive than creating a real plan of action for yourself. 

On one hand you can turn this off and watch The Matrix, Titanic or the news for the umpteenth time...or you can enjoy the huge, yet inexpensive pleasures of feeling great about yourself because you dared to achieve! And actually this is mega cheap. Cheaper than a driving lesson!
Possibly boring?
Now that's just the weakest of excuses - right?
The most boring part of personal development is someone else's.
Honestly! This is your chance to thrive, and you know it. Using "boring" as an excuse is only a cover for something else, and you know it's true.

And do you have to fully commit?
Only if you are worth it. 
(Someone will think you are, I hope it's you) 
A-ha! The old chestnut of commitment. What if I told you the only commitment was to yourself and if you needed to bail out, the parachute isn't provided but if you want to cancel the payment...and your future - you can!

Wow, talk about "fighting words"!
But seriously, the commitment is low level and the growth can be achieved in between driving lessons.
What's on offer? (How it's delivered)
The rest of your life!
Being a driving instructor means you must have the compassion and patience for others, but what about yourself? When are you going give a wonderful gift to yourself?

This program is easy as you want it to be.
It works like this.
13 topics over the next 52 weeks. (You start now.)

Week 1 - you receive an email a day for 7 days.
In those emails you can link back to the members area, 
where there is a new video for you to follow.
(You can return to these videos at any time, but you can't see the one for tomorrow, next week, or next month)

Week 2 - I email you again for the week helping you to take action on what you learned in week 1. There will be hand outs for you to download if you wish to use them.

Week 3 & 4 - You rest. If you want to watch again, contemplate or just be happy it's your choice.

Back to week 1 - And so you move on to the next subject.
Why work with us?
It isn't work - it's not even a choice if you are reading this.
Have you got this far and not yet clicked the button to change your life? (It's below)
I don't need to say you are here for a reason, and by that I don't mean this website. The world spins, trees sway in the wind, and the sun rises. They always will, and you always had the desire to make some seriously epic changes in your life and the people around you.

You are only reading this right now because you know you are on a journey of doing great things. The choice is clear. You can start now with me, or you can forget this website ever existed and you can stumble across something else when you have lost more time. Don't waste those seconds, because they never come back. The clock is ticking.
Have I done this before?
Well have you - I doubt it.
When was the last time you agreed to make changes to yourself for one month, 3 months and 1 year from now. That is what you are getting! 
This is not a book, or a workshop, it's your daily opportunity to put the purpose into your life and in a far more meaningful way than you have been doing. Can you imagine being x5 more brilliant than you are this minute?

That's what I want from you. 
A super version of you. 
Forget version 2.0 lets go 5.0 or 10.0

Tell me what that version of you looks like.
Do it!
1. Say in your mind right now the person you want to be.
2. Now say it again but louder, louder still!
3. Turn the volume up to 11 and shout it again in your mind.

And here you are, asking me if you have done this before?
You only wish you did!
Come on, let's get this going!
What are you going to achieve?
Maybe the best answer is, what do you want to leave behind?
We can't forget this course is for driving instructors, so there will be a huge element based around your business, but you will be in the driving seat when it comes to defining the tasks. 

Some will be about advancing your business , other elements are about you, how you can have a bigger impact than you could ever feel possible and how you can harness powers you never realised you had.


...sitting here, I do not know what version 2.0, 5.0, or 10.0 of you looks like. Only you can define it, but I'll tell you this for nothing - I'll give you the tools to get there.

So pull your finger out and let's do this.
The fact you don't feel you have achieved enough should remain in the past. Now we are looking at, today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.

Roar like the lion which is inside you.
Don't let your life slide away into a spiral of bad habits and rituals.
Make this your moment to step up and be the best ever version of you.


Invest now and only pay £67  per module every 4 weeks
IMPORTANT: You are tied into a 13 month contract. If you need to cancel in the future you can do without any comebacks. 
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ADI 7 Day Sprint
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